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The Album is DONE!

Hey there,

So the album is done.  It’s really done. Yeah, I should be more excited.  But, i’m at work and I can’t listen to it yet!  Can you understand the frustration of working  on something for soo long and not being able to indulge yourself in that thing?  I want to listen to it on the stereo in my truck, on frickin’ 11.  Yet, I cannot.  I am at work.

You better believe the moment I get off of work I will throw that thing into my car stereo and I will play it louder than anyone has played it before me.  The parking lot will rumble with the sound of my bass!!

Thanks for listening to me wine.


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Seeking Alpha – Artichoke LIVE – The Office May 16th, 2012

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Finishing up the album

Last week we were able to get a bunch of songs recorded at Earthling Studios in El Cajon.  We are going to finish up the mixing process next Monday and are excited to see how they come out.  Our next step will be deciding how many songs will go on the album, whether we release a few or we release them all, and then coming up with artwork and all that fun stuff.

We are really hoping to have the final copy ready for our upcoming shows, but that may be kind of ambitious!

Anyways, hope everyone is doing well and stay tuned for our latest pieces of work.


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Seeking Alpha at Earthling Studios – recording day 2

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Seeking Alpha at The Office May 16, 2012 – Show Poster

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Rock 105.3’s Loud And Local April 22 2012

9:03 zone of the interior
9:07 froghead
9:12 circle 7
9:15 session 73
9:19 kilr
9:23 interim divine
9:31 her bed of thorns
9:36 aenea
9:41 wasted redemption
9:45 angelshade
9:50 silence betrayed
9:54 mortify your enemies
10:02 kinetic circus
10:05 guava belly
10:09 fm revolver
10:13 end of existence
10:17 dark haven
10:21 lead burns red
10:26 take offense
10:34 undead garden
10:37 days of struggle
10:40 the warned
10:44 seeking alpha
10:48 uncle sams misguided children

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